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Move or Relocate Pallet Rack

Introduced in 2005, The “Pallet Rack Moving System” is a pallet rack accessory that changes the way pallet rack can be relocated saving facility down time and labor expenses.

In the past, moving pallet rack from one location to another location was overwhelming and time consuming.  The process of relocating pallet rack first begins with unloading all of the stored material from the storage system (pallet rack) and finding a temporary home for it until the new location is ready.  After the storage system has been unloaded, the tear down or demo of the rack would begin.  The tear down process seems to be less time consuming than the rebuilding of the storage system but equipment such as forklifts and scissor lifts are need for both the tear down and rebuilding of the storage system adding another cost to the project.  After the pallet rack is torn down or disassembled, the components would be stacked and organized for stable movement to the new location.  Upon arrival at the new location, re-assembly of the pallet rack would proceed. After the storage system is re-assembled and anchored to the floor, the pallet rack is ready to store material.  Sounds easy and it is but very time consuming and considerable downtime of the facility has to be expected.

By using a pallet rack moving systems, pallet rack can be moved and relocated in 1/3rd of the time.  Designed to move the pallet rack intact with material still on the storage system, savings result in down time, labor, and equipment costs due to minimal product displacement, no rack demolition, and no re-assembly of the pallet rack.

When using a pallet rack-moving system the process is simple.  First, raise the pallet rack using the lifting assembly and place the rack on the skates.  One person can do this process literally.  When all of the storage system (pallet rack) is on the skates, the pallet rack is now ready to move to the new location.  At this point, it would be necessary for more people to help in the process to help push and steer the moving rack.  After moving the rack to the new location, lift the rack off the skates and lower to the floor. Again just one person can do this part of the process.  The last step is to anchor the racking.  Once anchored the process is complete and there is minimal to no product or materials to stock in the storage system.

By using a pallet rack moving system, you can now lift your pallet rack up, put it on wheels (skates) and move it to its new location with minimal product displacement.  The moving system is simplistic in design and easy to use saving up to 2/3rds of the normal project costs.

The moving system contains ‘skates’ and a lifting assembly.  The ‘skates’ come in both HD (heavy duty) and LD (light duty) models that have capacities ranging from 5,000 lb to 12,000 lb.



Are you moving rack, adding rack, or relocating your facility?


Southern Handling is a Full Service Supplier of Material Handling and storage products.  Southern Handling can disassemble, stack, band, and load material on our flatbed.  We can deliver to your new facility and reassemble, install and anchor.  We can also assist with design and layout.


Are you closing your facility or warehouse?


Southern Handling purchases used pallet racking and other warehouse equipment.  Call us today at 404-355-3500 for a proposal to purchase.  Southern Handling can inspect and count material in order to provide you with a comparable proposal.


Southern Handling is a re-manufacturer of Pallet Rack, Cantilever Rack, Guard Rail, and Stack Racks.  We provide Special Fabrication of Tables, Mezzanine, Cantilever, Carts and Rack Systems to your specifications.  Southern Handling sells new and used Steel Shelving, Conveyor, and Ladders.  Do you need Flow Racks or Drive-In Rack?  We can handle that too.


What can we handle for you?


Large inventory of used equipment moves fast.  Southern Handling typically carries the following selective pallet rack styles:


Keystone or Republic Style

Teardrop (Old Style)


New Style Interlake

Steel King

Structural Steel








Photo of  Used Pallet Rack Uprights on-site at Southern Handling's yard located in Atlanta. A photo of used pallet rack beams located in the yard at Southern Handling in Atlanta